1. Playing with mustard today for tomorrow’s shoot.


  2. That’s how we roll on set. Ballerrrrrr!!


  3. Woot!


  4. Reminder! Join me and ASMP Norcal Tonight from 6:15pm-9pm @ Blue Sky Studios in San Francisco.


  5. The awesome Terra at the studio.


  6. I lost the subject last week shooting 3drobotics drones for mittechnologyreview


  7. Going to this show in June. I cant wait.

    (Source: Spotify)


  8. Honored to be invited by ASMP Norcal to speak for their Pro Speaker Series #1 - Come out & join us! April 16th @ Blue Sky Studios in San Francisco. I promise not to bore you to death. :) 


  9. I hand model sometimes.


  10. Hermoine - San Francisco, CA 2014


  11. SF to MX


  12. Pellegrino



  14. Happy New Year - Palm Springs, CA January 2014.


  15. As seen on PDN/Photoserve’s top 10 Portfolios for Dec 2013. Thanks @pdnonline @photoserve