1. Always nice to see your work out in the wild. Bare Escentuals SOHO Shop.


  2. Lots of yellow for today’s WIRED shoot.


  3. That moment when you realize that you never shared that awesome moment.  American # 30. Thanks 


  4. Fancy Applebox @stephanhawk


  5. Always enjoy shooting for the #bareescentuals crew.


  6. Throwing things at the assistant. @taylorglouie 


  7. Playing with mustard today for tomorrow’s shoot.


  8. That’s how we roll on set. Ballerrrrrr!!


  9. Woot!


  10. Reminder! Join me and ASMP Norcal Tonight from 6:15pm-9pm @ Blue Sky Studios in San Francisco.


  11. The awesome Terra at the studio.


  12. I lost the subject last week shooting 3drobotics drones for mittechnologyreview


  13. Going to this show in June. I cant wait.

    (Source: Spotify)


  14. Honored to be invited by ASMP Norcal to speak for their Pro Speaker Series #1 - Come out & join us! April 16th @ Blue Sky Studios in San Francisco. I promise not to bore you to death. :) 


  15. I hand model sometimes.